Sony Vaio Mini Netbook Market Ready breakthrough

Thursday, March 18, 2010
By admin

Netbook market is already beginning to stabilize fishing enliven Sony to jump competition. Japanese electronics giant that was issued Vaio Mini M Series as a weapon.

Only when seen from the specifications on offer, this product can practically have the ability or features which are similar to the products of the brand who was first introduced.

Wide-screen 10.1-inch, embedded Intel Atom N450 as the brain, hard drive 250 GB, motion eye web cam, and is equipped with operating system Windows 7.

Although somewhat ‘average’, but Sony seemed so confident with the product weighing 14 kg it. For M series come carrying the brand Vaio that is still potent to bewitch the market with the status of class notebook above.

If nothing gets in the way, quoted from, Vaio Mini will be released to the market in late March 2010. Target users are those who always mobile, always wanted to connect to the Internet, but also think about lifestyle.

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