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Sunday, September 13, 2009
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PrtScris a best freeware software to capture image from layer screen. You easily can capturing image with just one-click, but it has weakness. the software is not have many feature to edit your  image.

There are also still edit menu, but it only summon a your default image editing software. But the best that come from this program is from the actual capturing process to the post-capture visual pyrotechnics where the captured image floats on screen and can be moved or manipulated via right-click .

  • The another reason to use this capture software is several these ability below :
  • There are capture full screen, rectangular region and freehand region modes.
  • Hotkey, you can use combination key to activate the prgoram
  • Annotation let us to perform drawings with the mouse on screen before capturing activities
  • You can delay before capture your images. just right click PrtScr icon in the system tray then change in 5 or 30 seconds.
  • Multiple monitors: supported, image Rescaling
  • Adding Title and comment in each captured image.

The software is a best and screen capturing image that will help us get picture on the screen. You can get this free software and the latest update at Approximate file is a 2.35 megs.

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  1. You have done a great job. Best Screen Capture Image have lot of effective features aswell..this software may useful to all software lovers.. this is a nice post thanks.


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