Diagram Designer 1.24

Diagram Designer is Vector graphics editor for creating flowchart and diagrams., And run in following OS : Win 98,ME,NT,2K,XP,Vista,W7 and has installer size as 1.32MB
Friday, October 14, 2011
By admin

Simple vector graphics editor for creating flowchart, diagrams and slide shows.


  • Customizable template object palette.
  • UML class diagram symbols
  • Import/export WMF, EMF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MNG, and PCX images.
  • Simple graph plotter to plot mathematical expressions.
  • Advanced “pocket” calculator with equation solver.
  • MeeSoft Image Analyzer integration for bitmap image editing and extended
    file format support.

  • Uses compressed file format for minimizing drawing file size.
  • Slide show viewer.
  • Spellchecker.
  • Online help

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Screenshot of freeware Diagram Designer

Download Diagram Designer

Diagram Designer is 100% freeware, you could using it for free. If you may need assistance, just go to the http://logicnet.dk/meesoft/DiagramDesigner/, please be remember it only runs in Win 98,ME,NT,2K,XP,Vista,W7:

Download NOW
Size : 1.32MB

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