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Wednesday, September 1, 2010
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So far, there are 88 apps already available on Samsung’s TV platform, There are a popular apps that usually found in Mobile phone likes of Yahoo, Netflix, Blockbuster, Facebook, Twitter. Samsung already sells 45 million TVs a year and 200 mobile phones. The idea is that apps can move from a mobile phone to a TV.

“Consumers want and expect choice and control. Not just on the go, not just in front of computer, but in the living room,” Eric Anderson, Samsung vice president of content development.

The Apple’s Apps Store is the vision behind the ideas, they has want ambition to connect their apps to the device that happens in iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad products. Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Consumer Electronics in the United States Says :

Our goal is clear: to provide an environment that lets you focus on your ideas rather than get mired in protocols,” he said Tuesday. “We want you to decide what to do with your app. You choose how much to charge, what country to launch in, and what device to be on.”

In its first developer conference, Samsung apps called Free the TV Challenge, Samsung introduce its new software development kit to more than 100 developers in the United States. So Samsung woo an apps developers to their TV product.

But it is complicated that there are a few option for the remote control to navigate those apps. So Samsung decide to give the remote with touch screen which will has a virtual keyboard and even number pad. The SDK has tools based on open standards such as XML, JavaScript,  and Flash Lite 3.0 from Adobe Systems, according to Samsung’s director of content, Olivier Manu.

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